What people are saying about Sweet Yoga:

“The benefits of the practice grow deeper over time, and it has now become the foundation of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Christine is a superb and caring teacher, and I wish I had discovered this practice decades ago!” – Peter S.

“I have scoliosis and was experiencing discomfort and stiffness from muscle tension. After only a couple of classes, my spine started releasing. I now have more flexibility than I’ve had in a long time.” – Leslie K.

“It was amazing at the beginning to feel muscles relax and warm that must have been very tight for years…My hip surgeon is amazed at the range of motion I have in my hips, for which I credit yoga. Currently, at age 71, my back is the best, not painful, and strongest that it has
been in 20 years.” – Karen T.

“I tell everyone who will listen…you have created such a beautiful, safe and nurturing space for me to discover the gift of my true self.” – Julie D.