Private yoga sessions offer individual attention, customized adjustments and blissful presses to help speed your transformation. If you are new to Sweet Yoga, have very limited flexibility, or other special needs, a private session offers the safest, most effective yoga experience. All sessions last approximately one hour.

Choose from the menu below, or we can customize a session to meet your needs.


Happy Hips – Relieve hip discomfort, increase flexibility, and move forward in positivity. Hip hip hooray!

Heal Your HeartSoothe emotions, free your rib cage, chest and shoulders, befriend yourself, and feel more open to relationship.

Calm Mind – Settle your nerves, ease physical tension and locate the source of peace deep within you. Includes a guided meditation.

Neck & Shoulder Relief – Take the weight of the world off your shoulders! Special poses and feel-good adjustments made for what’s tired and tight through your neck and shoulders.

Home Practice – Learn a personalized home practice that empowers you to heal and grow. Ask questions, know how to set-up and prop yourself, and get more out of group classes by knowing how to take care of your needs.

Embodyment – The most gentle, restful, and deeply healing of all the sessions. You lie on your back with your legs resting over a stack of blankets, and Christine places her hands on specific areas of your spine. Through a series of subtle hand positioning and targeted awareness, a deep release occurs, especially through your lower spine. We finish with a gentle twist to open your upper spine, and you receive a slow, deep press along your spine to help you unwind.  Unleash your body’s innate healing capacity and experience the benefits of 4-5 yoga classes within a one hour session. 


Fees (cash or check)

Single Session                   $60

3 Sessions (in 4 weeks)   $150

6 Sessions (in 8 weeks)   $270