Private yoga sessions steep you in the healing environment of Svaroopa® yoga. Individual attention, customized adjustments and blissful presses help speed you along the yogic path. If you have a medical diagnosis, limited flexibility, or other special needs, a private session offers the safest, most effective yoga experience. Choose between a private class and a yoga therapy session.


Single Session             $60

3 Sessions (1 month)   $150

6 Sessions (2 months) $240

Private Classes

Here, poses are taught and refined, which might include a personalized home practice for you. Ask questions, know how to set-up and prop yourself, and get more out of group classes.

Private classes may also include instruction and coaching in Ujjayi Pranayama, Svaroopa® yoga’s primary breathing practice. This practice helps to ground the body, open up the breath, and helps to settle the mind and emotions. This is also an effective treatment for allergies, asthma, cancer, or other problems of the immune system.

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy

A deeply restful, yet powerful experience in hands-on healing. You lie on your back with your legs resting over a stack of blankets, and Christine places her hands on specific areas of your spine. Through a series of subtle hand positioning and targeted awareness, a deep release occurs, especially through your lower spine.

We finish with a gentle twist to open your upper spine, and you receive a slow, deep press along your spine to help you unwind.  Unleash your body’s innate healing capacity and experience the benefits of 4-5 yoga classes within a one hour session.