Yoga teaches awareness – this includes an awareness of one’s self, one’s actions and one’s relationships to others, and to the greater environment in which one lives.

In the construction of the Sweet Yoga studio, every attempt was made to respect the environment and create a healthy, sustainable community space.  The building crew re-used materials, diverted waste streams, and purchased locally whenever possible. Reclaimed lumber from an 120-year old, Oregon barn forms the structure of the space. Eco-friendly paints, sealants and insulation were used.

As you enter the studio through our hand-made doorway, you feel warmth, light and peace. The studio is spacious and sunny, and the floor is heated to help welcome you and melt away tension. The reception area was converted from an old shed. It was opened up and enlivened with light and vibrant color. FSC® certified hemlock for the ceiling and window trim provides beauty and character.

The studio itself feels grounded, yet airy. The earthy brown floor and walls feel rich and protective, while the sky blue ceiling soothes and expands your perspective. The skylight and windows provide natural light and a connection with the outdoors. Fluffy blankets (made from recycled fibers) form a warm, soft base beneath you, and are used for propping and comfort.